95kpa bag

04 Feb , 2021

Our 95 kPa bags satisfy supplementary packaging requirements in the IATA DG Regulations     

When a 95 kPa bag is used in conjunction with each inner packaging containing liquid the assembled UN package is     

eligible to be transported by air    

(IATA DGR UN3373 packaging instructions must also be followed to ensure compliance).     

2.Double as a barrier between intermediate packaging (with absorbent pad )     

 Custom various sizes  When you need a shipping option that can withstand temperature and pressure changes    

 without leaking,  our 95kPa Pressure Bags provide  the best option. This bag is designed to withstand,without leakage    

 an internal pressure which produces a pressure differential of not less than 95kPa.     

hese pressure bags are made with a custom film structure that features a strong adhesive closure and     

continuous seal which makes it ideal for critical liquid and substance containment.     

4.The permanent adhesive closure withstands a temperature range of -40⁰C up to +55⁰C (-40⁰F up to +130⁰F)    

Specimen transport bags are liquid tight and tamper evident. The patented adhesive closure and continuous    

 seal meet or exceed standards of all major air carriers and DOT. Polyethylene construction and adhesive closure    

 provides added security during handling by personnel.    

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